WTS: Seimitsu parts and converters US & Canada (Prices lowered)

Hey guys,

I still have:

  • 2 unused inpin converters for sale. check out Markman’s review for it. 27$ + shipping for each



PM me if you’re interested.

If you are located in Montreal area or Ottawa, we can arrange for a pickup (Lasalle/Angrignon for MTL area and Kanata for Ottawa area)

If you’re going to T10, you can come pick it up there as well.

PM Sent

added some joystick parts

Price drop on all items.

can you do $24 shipped to 77042 on the LS32 w/black ball?

Let me check how far I can dissassemble the stick so that it could fit in a bubbled envelope. maybe that can reduce the shipping cost, but still 24$ shipped is a bit cheap for a brand new stick maybe if you buy some of the other stuff too, I can make a deal or something.

Edit: meh… having difficulty removing the ls-32’s shaft. I don’t even know if it’s meant to be removed as I’ve seen many jlf shafts removed but rarely or never any ls-32 shafts… do you have any idea how it’s done?

i havent played on an LS32 forever. Cant remember how it disassembles. Ive just been wanting an ls32 lately and thought i would try an pick one up. Just made a pretty good sized order for 18 buttons and acouple of sticks. Bunch of ps-14-gn’s. So i dont need anymore buttons. Thank you for trying.

I can do 24+shipping to 98056 on the LS-32-01 if it is still available. Thx

coolio, somebody’s gonna be happy :smiley:

EDIT: oops misread lol, thought you were making an offer to AJ

Shit, I just sent a PM to you about LS-32-01, buttons and ball top.

interested in the buttons… if it falls through, hit me up…