WTS: Sega DC, RB2 drums, audio gear

Got stuff for sale.

All prices include shipping to lower 48. PM me for shipping to other locations.

Dreamcast, one controller - $45

Xbox 360 Rock Band 2 Wireless drum set - $55

Tascam US-144 USB Audio interface - $100

Lexicon Omega USB Audio interface - $80

Buy more and I’ll cut you a deal.

Note that neither audio devices works or works well in Vista 64, which is why I’m not keeping them. the Tascam works like a dream in XP…I’d prefer it to my Fast Track Pro if it weren’t for the Vista 64 drivers being so poor.

is that the same kind of HD you can use in the PS3? If so I’ll take it…

Yes, it’ll work. Sent you a pm.

Anybody want some Sanwa buttons?

what color are the buttons?

red and white screwins, and dark hai snapins.

Okay, also putting a Hori EX2 up for sale, $80.

Apologies to anybody who tried to PM me…just cleared my PM box.

Added sanwa butttons and prices.


Warp you still have that lappy for sale? hit me up on irc.

For the Red Sanwa OBSN-30 buttons, how many do you have and what condition are they in?

I have 9 of the red buttons, and they’ve never been used.