WTS: SE Stick for PS3, xbox 360 and ps3 game disks and Kinect

1x Custom Madcatz SE stick for the PS3. Sanwa Stick, Sanwa Buttons (6) case spray painted black and paint started to chip. Great for a project!
Current Offer $80

Boarderlands (with manual) $10
Phantasy Star Universe (no manual) $10
Left for Dead 2 (no case, manual) $5
Fable 3 (no manual) 15$
Kinect Adventures $10


Tomb Raider: Underworld $10
Mercenaries 2: world in flames $10
Street Fighter 4 (vanilla) $5


Xbox 360 Kinect no adapter. SOLD!


I accept Paypal


Edit: price drop on stick and title of thread changed.

Kinect in working order? Prices include shipping? Interested in the kinect.

Im a little interested in the stick but in order to get it to the condition i would want to use it in ir would take some work. Are you firm on that price?

I’m firm on the price. I put some work into making it look like that!

Price does not include shipping. I don’t know if the kinect even works, I just got an xbox with it and never used it. The kinect has been sitting in my closet ever since!

Interesting. Sending pm

Kinect sold and could a mod close this thread it seems like no one is interested in purchasing the items I have on display.

does left 4 dead includes shippin? or do u still have it?

Stick still up for grabs?