WTS: Sanwa Parts (CHEAP!)

Looking to unload a few extra buttons I realize I have no use for.

-12 OBSF 30mm snap ins (Many of these have little to no use on them) (3 of the micro switches have a bit of solder left on them but they didn’t give me any problems when attaching the .110 QDs)

-Loose SW-68 with one of the prongs broken
-Loose grey plunger.
3 OBSF 24mm snap in buttons (SW-68 switch has 1 broken prong) (madcatz micro switches from a TvC stick substituted on the other 2)


$14 shipped

I’ll take them all even TE freebies!!!

Ill take what is left thank you:D

Still available

Eh alright how about 14 shipped?