WTS: Sanwa modded DOA 4 stick, 2 GameCube/Wii PS2 adapters

I’m getting rid of some equipment that I’m not using any more. Maybe you can give them the love that I refused to provide. I’ll accept payments through PayPal.

DOA 4 Stick (Sanwa stick and buttons)

$90 OBO

I got the DOA 4 stick from chippermonky a little while ago. I only used it a few times since I play most of my fighters on the PS2/PS3 and I have a few Byrdo sticks for that. It’s pretty much exactly how it was when I picked it up. He made a thread about how he modded it here -


2 MayFlash GameCube/Wii adapters

used - $10 shipped
new - $11 shipped
both - $19 shipped

The GameCube/Wii adapters are the Cube JoyBox ones from Mayflash. One of them is new/boxed. The other one was only used a few times (mostly to play some TvC before HD Remix got a hold of me).

Mad Catz Chun Li FightPad (Xbox 360)



Just PM me some offers. I have no idea how much the stick and the adapters are worth these days. I only put a price on the Mad Catz pad 'cause I know how much it is worth.

rules state that you have to post prices. depending on the condition of the sanwa modded stick you can go from 90-120. and the adapter… put it at a little less than you paid.

use google darth…this isnt the 90s

Google is overrated. It’s all about AltaVista…

Alright. I added some prices.


Howd you get a madcatz pad already?

They’re selling them at Best Buy. Check out the main thread in Tech Talk -


Pics of the stick please.