WTS: Sanwa JLF, Brook converter, Art's Hobbies panels, various other stick parts!

It’s time for a good ol’ post-Evo house cleaning! I have a ton of things that would benefit FGC folks other than myself, so here we go.

  • All prices include shipping per Trading Outlet rules
  • Grouped items cannot be broken up (like joystick + optional octogate)
  • Shipping discounts available if items are combined, please DM
  1. SOLD

  2. SOLD

  3. SOLD

  4. Various buttons and balltops (must purchase 4 or more pieces for shipping!) = $12 for 4 buttons, DM for larger purchases

  5. Aluminum blue shaft cover + dust cover set from Focus Attack (add to any button or joystick purchase) = $5

Sanwa OBSF-30 in various colors, as well as some limited edition buttons (SF4 Adon, Cammy and Juri), and Sanwa/Seimitsu balltops. Last 4 white buttons are OBSF-24.
Shaft cover + dust cover set is this exact thing => https://www.focusattack.com/jlf-alu-series-shaft-dustwasher-set-blue/

  1. Brook Xbox360 => PS4 converter = $35

Got this from a trade deal w/ another SRK user some time ago. No description needed.

  1. Custom-made joystick wire harness = $10

I had made an extra one for a future fightstick build, but I’m no longer going to use joysticks…

  1. MadCatz Original TE fightstick bezel = $10 each

In case anyone wants to customize their OG TE case. 1 yellow and 3 red available.

  1. SOLD

  2. SOLD

  3. SOLD


GiantSword Raven case + extras
Hori Hayabusa Silent 30mm Matte Black buttons (6) + matching black balltops (3)
GamerFinger HBFS 30mm Black buttons with Cherry MX Brown switches (6) + matching black balltops (2) + spare Cherry MX Red and Blue switches
Hori Hayabusa joystick + black gloss balltop + swappable octagonal gate (Kowal Octopus from Focus Attack)
Sanwa JLF joystick + black gloss balltop + swappable octagonal gate
Art’s Hobbies black etched plexi panel, top and bottom, for MadCatz Original TE fightstick

Hayabusa Silent 30mm Matte Black buttons are now sold! And a maybe-needed bump.

the busa pic is the same as the jlf. can I see the busa? I’m interested in it. also, how much use has it gotten?

Sorry about that! Can’t believe I goofed that up. Fixed the pic link.

No use on this Hayabusa joystick.

sent the payment. just letting you know.

updated sold items! still got lots of stuff, come on and check them out \0/

weekly bump. everything listed is still available.

DJ Divine are you willing to sell GiantSword Raven case for $150 shipped.

PM’d you sir. Let’s try to come to a deal we can both agree on.

another weekly bump!

updated the title since some aforementioned items were sold.

Does the jlf come with the connection wires?

It does not come w the 5-pin cable, if that’s what you’re asking. I can throw in the custom made wiring harness (which has the 5-pin cable) for less than $10, which is the listing price, if you’d like to buy both JLF and wiring harness.

bump bump bump

everything listed still available!

long awaited bump! items still available. please inquire within.

some items still up for sale =) may have some more buttons in a few days.