WTS: Sanwa HRAP-EX and Cupholder Joystick

I have a HRAP-EX that I can’t use anymore because my X-box died. The Sanwa joystick has a soldered connection and a new spring makes it slightly tighter. The 8 face buttons are all Sanwas with quick disconnects, the Start and Select are stock. The top plate is from a HRAP3 and has a few normal signs of wear, particularly in small areas around the screws and above the select button.

Sorry about the blurriness on this one. That’s the underside of the top panel with the QDs and the joystick.

I also have a unique Playtech PS3 mod with Sanwa joystick with Seimitsu buttons.

There’s just something about it, I can’t put my finger on it. And no it’s not the phone. The phone is not for sale.
If you are unfamiliar with this particular joystick, a good amount of labor was needed to clear space for the joystick because it has two heavy weights in the lower internals. It fits nicely now. The PS3 home button is a bit odd, as you need to tap it very quickly to access the submenu (controller options, etc) and it will default to the main exit screen (shut off options, etc) if you don’t tap it quick enough. The turbo functions work fine, if you’re in to that.
The are a few normal small signs of wear on and near the buttons.

Both joysticks work great, but I have no use for one and the other just sits around lonely all day.

I’m asking $100 shipped for the HRAP-EX
I’m asking $90 shipped for the Playtech
but I will consider any offer.

I am willing to ship both for $175

USPS, continental US only, Paypal only.

Thanks for looking.

Considering any offer.

Are you still selling that HRAP?

Yep still available.