WTS: Sanwa buttons and balltop are SOLD!

I want to sell my stuff arcade parts. Sometime, I played them used on the stick then remove there and put in box. There is mint good arcade parts.

** Sanwa**

  • Yellow for 6 buttons and Yellow ball-top SOLD


small yellow buttons each $0.50 cent

  • Green for 6 buttons and Green ball-top SOLD


Each for $15.00 shipping International
All parts for $25.00 shipping International for muffinman943

SOLD for sir_arthur

  • Vermillion for 6 buttons and Vermillion ball-top
  • add used Sanwa micro-switches plugs.


$10.00 shipping International

opips…you should let your FRIENDS know if you’re sell these things asap…i just bought some buttons from ponyboy=/

How much each sanwa button from ponyboy?

It’s possible I’ll beat ponyboy We are lower price.:wink:

man…its too late:shake:

PM sent

both sanwa buttons are avalable !

Hori buttons are hold for sir_arthur

Hurry! Hurry Hurry!

Sorry! there sanwa sold it

payment sent :tup:

Thanks! :rock: I’ll send boxes mail for tomorrow. I hope the Office Postal is Open on Satursday. :sweat: