WTS: Red 2001 PSP w/CFW | Dual Modded Round 1 TE

You’re looking at a PSP-2001 God of War limited red edition PSP. It has been flashed with custom firmware (5.00 M33-6). Comes with a 1GB and 16GB memory card, two batteries, component video adapter and a charger. The UMD drive has unfortunately burned out so if you want to use UMDs in this thing you’d have to get it repaired/replaced (It’s like a $15 part). Overall condition is decent. There are some very very light scratches on the screen that are only visible in certain glare. No dead pixels on the LCD. Some very light paint chipping on the back of the unit. Pics: http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm70/Mr_x64/ebay/psp/

Would like $75 shipped.

Dual modded (Chimp) Round 1 TE. SOLD

Bumpy. $75 shipped? Getting the best possible hacked psp with a 16GB memory card this price is a pretty sweet deal.

ive always wanted one of these but the back seems pretty scratched. how’s the screen?

The screen is fine. As I said in my description there are some fine liiight marks on it. I can’t see anything at all unless I tip it towards light and even then you can’t see anything with the psp on. The light from my camera flash makes the back of the psp look a lot worse than it seems.

Bumpy. Added Dual Modded Round 1 TE stick.