WTS Rare OOP Capcom Street fighter OST soundtracks

Hi guys/gals.

I addition to my Street fighter memorabilia for sale thread [here](WTS Street Fighter/Udon/Capcom memorabilia - calling all collectors! I’ve also uncovered the following OSTs from storage.

I’ll set a figure of £20 GBP ($33 USD) each or take them all off my hands and I’ll give 20% off.

Packaging will be FREE and delivery will be exactly what comes up as the total. I’ll weigh them and either you can decide which shipper to use or I’ll give a selection. Generally UPS is best for the Americas.


Let me know if you want tracklists but some are in Japanese :frowning:

Bump. Make me an offer.

Final bump dudes.

Is that the arranged 3S soundtrack?

i want the 3rd strike soundtrack! PM me matrixdub!