WTS: Random Stuff...

Doing a bit of spring cleaning and decided I need to get rid of some stuff I really don’t need. Decided to sell stuff here since most of it is fighting game related, if not Ebay. Paypal Payments and only Shipping in the U.S.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Rare 2 sided Vita Hill Event Poster - $20 Shipped (1 left)

For the first buyer of the poster I would include this free mini Marvel vs Capcom 3 Poster. (SOLD)

**Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fight Stick - $20 Shipped (**SOLD)

Gears of War Trilogy Xbox 360 - $40 Shipped (Like New) Non of the DLC Codes are Used.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Wii- $35 Shipped (Like New)

Xbox 360/PS3 WWE All Stars Brawl Pad - Each $15 Shipped (Like New) (SOLD)

Club Nintendo Zelda 25th Anniversary 3 Set Poster - $15 Shipped (SOLD)

Posters are in the roller it came in didn’t really want to open it to take pics. But sample on the Top.

Will Post more stuff later, any questions feel free to ask!


Lowered GoW Tri to $50 Shipped

bump lowered a few prices and added Zelda SS

PM’d again!

bump Lowered prices on some stuff, and added a Hori Stick.

I’m willing to let the stick go at $90 Shipped, I just really need the money now.

damn good price, good luck

FML… I just bought a lesser one for $85…

pm sent re: vx sa

Dibs on Hori VX SA if sale falls through.

If I get teh stick Ill get one of those MCV3 posters… them doods is tuff

Payment sent for Hori VX SA .

VX-SA stick is nice. I never use mine anymore due to my Hori SCV stick being always on my side now adays.

PM sent! :slight_smile:

Payment sent for 1 of the UMvC3 posters! :smiley:

I received the poster today! Great seller here! Thanks! :wink:

PM sent again! :slight_smile: