WTS: Random Madcatz Fightpad Xbox 360 parts

These are parts left over from gutted Madcatz fightpad hacks.

$5 for 1 set of Dpad + 6 button rubber contact pads

Shells $8 each. Comes with button parts, but not contact pads Some things may be missing like a turbo button pads or something.
Ken, Ryu, Akuma.

If not sold by sunday they go into the trash.

Damn, I have been throwing all these parts away. I guess I should donate them to a underprivilaged pad player as well.
Good Luck w/ your sales.

yeah I’m sure there is a pad player would would appreciate the replacement rubber parts, pretty much the other parts are basically free, since shipping cost about $7 with priority flat rate and paypal fees.

Local folks if you want the shells for free if you want to pick them up. I’m sure somebody who plays Ryu got stuck with a Blanka pad.