WTS: Pushbuttons, AMI Blazblue CT poster


Black+Grey Sanwa OBSF-30 30mm [IMG] (x4): Comes with a free grey balltop (minor cosmetic damage); SPF

Black+White Seimitsu PS-14-GN 30mm [IMG] (x3): SPF

White Sanwa OBSN-30 30mm [IMG] (x6): SPF

Green Hori/Sanwa Pushbuttons 30mm [buttons][microswitch] (x6): Hori button, Sanwa microswitches. $11 Shipped

Not Pushbuttons:

Sanwa JLF Joystick [IMG] (x1): soldddd

AMI Blazblue Calamity Trigger Poster [IMG] (x1): solddd

I’ll take the JLF. Is this the same model as the drop in replacements for the TE’s? Also new/used?

Ill take the 4x Dark hai buttons, 3x Seimitsu buttons and the 6x white buttons. Can you also tell me if they are used and give me a price total for all of them?

JLF sold


payment sent