WTS: PS4 Ultra Street Fighter IV Madcatz stick brand new sealed, New X360 Akuma Fightpad





PS4 Madcatz Ultra SFIV brand new sealed. $270 (SOLD Locally)
NEO GEO AES MAS stick. $90
Hori Fighting Commander 4 (SOLD to D-Cat).
Brand new Xbox 360 Akuma Fight pad from Madcatz $60
MAS Sega Dreamcast stick in superb condition (SOLD to Locdown).
Wii Tatsunoko vs Capcom fight stick with JLF $60
Brand New in the box Wii U tournament edition Tekken Tag fightstick by Madcatz. (SOLD Locally)
[s]Hori Tekken 5 PS2 fightstick converted for use on Xbox One /s

If interested please call/text me. Pictures available upon request. Texting is highly preferred.

323 304 1027

Sup, @ONE100BILL :slight_smile:

Do these work on PC?

What’s up D-Cat? Not sure but let me try and find out. Interested bro?

UPDATE: According to this page http://gaming.moe/?p=512 it works great on PC as well. Here’s an excerpt from it:

“I had zero problems with the PS3/PS4 compatibility, and even better, it also works with PCs just fine. When I plugged it in for the first time, Windows 7 recognized it with no issues. I tried it out on a couple of doujin games on Steam – Crimzon Clover, Chelsea and the 7 Devils (that’s definitely one for the Gaming.moe review pile!) – and it worked perfectly, with the games supporting all of the face and shoulder buttons. MAME also gave me no problems with the controller at all, though I did have to switch it to simulated analog stick movement in order to select options in-program with the D-pad.”

Yeah, interested, but strapped for fun-funds because of the PS4 VLX.

If you don’t manage to sell it, I’ll take it off your hands later in the month.

Will keep you updated. Thanks

These are awesome for pad hacking. I would get it if I had the cash.

This is what I did with one not too long ago.

Actually, I’ll take it. Let me know when you want to meet up

D-Cat. Hit me up on my celli… I’m available bro since you are local. Sorry guys but he is local and did contact me first.

PM sent.

I’ll try and post pics as soon as I get home and am able to. Thanks for your patience.

Hori fighting commander 4 sold to DarkCat… Pictures are up…

Pad works awesome. Thanks, man.

Always a pleasure. :smiley:

Pm sent

Pm sent

Forgot to mention that I am located in Colorado Springs, CO. My number is from LA but I no longer live there… Sorry

New items added. PS4 Ultra Street Fighter IV Mad Catz fightstick for sale brand new never opened. $270 shipped. Neo Geo AES MAS stick $90. Please contact me if you are serious @ 323 304 1027,


Price shipped for Madcatz TTT2 TE WiiU stick?

PM sent N-Futs…

I’m going to pass for now but thanks though. BTW, as per forum rules, you have to post prices for each item.