WTS: PS3/PS4 FightPad Pro, PCS Blanka Bust, Tsume Vega Statue/HQF, PS3/PS4 TE2*, Stuff signed by Ono

PS3/PS4 Madcatz FightPad Pro: $50 shipped OBO
Pop Culture Shock Exclusive Blanka Bust, Alternate Color (yellow skin, blue hair) #6 out of 50: $150 shipped OBO
Tsume Vega Statue/High Quality Figure (Box signed by entire Tsume team!): $175 shipped OBO

Pad is black one. Barely used at all, like new.
Both the statue and the bust were briefly displayed in my bedroom but are both now safely in their boxes and 100% complete and in good condition.

Items will likely be posted on Ebay soon if no one here is interested, but I wanted to give Shoryuken members first dibs. Other small Street Fighter collectibles may be included as a bonus, and deals will be considered if interested in more than one item.

email me at tehmidcap@gmail.com if interested. No solicitation please.

I do also have the original blue/black TE2 for PlayStation consoles but I’m a bit hesitant to sell it… I sold a Rivals stick that had a silent JLF and LED board in it for less than what I put into it shortly before the bankruptcy and I’m still sour about it. But I will at least consider offers.

I also have the following two things signed by Ono at SDCC:

Mecha Zangief Kidrobot (back of his head signed, has been displayed)
USFIV Rolento 30th Anniversary Poster (in $20 frame)

What’s the ball park you are looking for the te2?

how much for the mecha gief?

Contact me by email and I can send pictures of anything.

Everything is still available!