WTS: PS3 MvC TE, PS3 MvC3, Empty T5 Shells plus more!

Got some stuff I don’t really use, my loss is your gain.

PS3 Marvel vs Capcom TE stick w/ Box: $80 + shipping

Hori Tekken 5 Stick Shells: $20 + shipping

This is just for the gutted shells, includes top panel and shell itself. I cant seem to find the bottom panels.

NIB Street Fighter 4 Launch Party Chin Li Figure: $8
Figure is about 3-4 inches tall

PS3 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Game: $40 shipped (Game was literally played 3 times)

PS3 Super Street Fighter 4: 20 shipped

PS3 Prototype: $17 shipped

And of course these are all OBO

I’ll take the te I’ll probably be able to pick it up on Saturday at regency. What’s my pick up price 70? Haha

sent you an offer. Please reply back soon so I know if I should look for a different stick.

$80 R2J
Regency is far, and gas is a bitch >.<
I hit you up on aim, let me know what’s up :3

PMs Replied


Yo where you stay at, and if he doesn’t take it before me ill probably ask you to ship to me =D

i think R2J is going to go threw with it, but if anything i live in Downey, Ca

yeah well next week ill be in cali, and i get paid so if you have it by then, i might just have my cousin drive me around to pick it up, he lives in glendale…

how much for te shipping to 90813? in long beach.ca. also how much for hrap shipping