WTS: PS3, HRAP V3, Random Games and Blue Rays

Selling my ps3 slim comes with all the wires and a controller. Also comes with BBCS:ex, MK9 complete edition. On the HD I have skull girls, darkstalkers, 3SOE, and 30 other games, you can just use your own account then download them from my history so you don’t need to be logged onto my PSN name.
-250 for everything.

Selling my HRAP V3 SA, in good condition, has been used but only for a few weeks and lightly.

Also Have the Aliens Anthology on Blue Ray.
-aliens 35

I would prefer to sell locally in the chicago land area if at all possible if not contact me and we can work through pay pal.

Make me an offer on anything.

  1. It would help if you had pictures
  2. You must post a price. You can not just have people make an offer. This is a rule of this forum.

thank you, first time using the trading outlet.

I’ll take aliens if your willing to do $35 shipped…

Yeah that sounds good pm me and we can figure it out.

Willing to sell just blazblue?

I would prefer not too, I kind of was hoping to just get rid of everything ps3 wise in one fell swoop but if no one makes an offer on the bundle soon I will sell everything individually.

Price drops.

Let me know if you want to make that sale on Aliens…

pics of HRAP please.