WTS: PS3 HRAP style stick with Cthulu board. *PRICE DROP*

This stick was actually a Tekken 5 stick, but I’ve replaced the top plate with a custom one.
It also has a plexi, but there is a small corner cracked off.

Wired up so that Start+Select will act as the home button.

Here’s some pics:

The stick is full sanwa, but you can mount a Seimitsu LS-32 as well.

Overall the stick is in decent condition.
There’s scratches in various places, but nothing too serious.
I did have the “carve” a little bit of the case inside to fit a cord (when I had a different PCB inside).
Please note that it only has 3 rubber feet, with one attached via velcro.

The only real problem with the stick is that the JLF sits a bit too high.
I was able to use it just fine with the height though.

I am asking $70 plus shipping.
I will consider trading for a working CPS2 Street Fighter Alpha 2 board .

If you real anal with details, please look elsewhere.
I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have though.

pm me if you wanna sell the panel alone


Which reminds me…I am willing to part things out if it doesn’t sell within a week.

Daaaaaaaamnit I needed this. :frowning:

[edit] PM’d anyway. Hopefully I can still get it.

FYI to any potential buyers of this stick: would you be willing to do me a huge favor? :smiley:

[edit] Nevermind!

Very cool.
An original vocalninja Custom Control Panel.

That would be cool for me to buy also.


Bump for price drop.

Buy this today(2-23) and I’ll throw a spare Sanwa JLF for free!