WTS: PS3 adapters, CvS2, and a Wii charge station

EDIT: Got some more stuff to sell.
Paypal only and prices do NOT include shipping. Usually 3-5 bucks.
Shipping within the US only.

HRAP Style empty case with custom vocal ninja top plate SOLD!!!
In so-so condition. Needs some new rubber feet and possible a new plexi.
PM me for more details.

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (PS2) $20
Complete and in good condition. The disc has quite a few scratches, but nothing serious.

**PS3 Six Axis controller ** SOLD!!!
Please not this in NOT a dualshock, just the regular version.
It’s in working condition, but it needs a little cleaning.
No usb cable included.

Inpin PS2 to PS3 adapter SOLD!!!
Overall good condition.
Broken Pelican PS2 to PS3 adapter** $15
This was working the last time I used it, however, it has a problem where it switches off during gameplay.
It would work again if you reinserted it.

**Defective Yobo PS2 to PS3 adapter **$5
This adapter works, but it has a defect where you cannot hold the left direction for more than like 6-10 seconds. Releasing the direction fixes it. Repair it and you can have a cheap PS3 adapter.

Nyko Wii Charge Station $10
Includes charging station, 2 battery packs, and 2 battery covers.

2 Green Sanwa Ball tops $1.50 each
Sanwa Square Gate $2.50


I’ll take the cthulu board. PM sent

Prices are shipped?


No, prices do not include shipping.
For like a small box, it’s like $5.
I won’t charge more than it costs though.

Replying to pms now…

If the 2 jlfs and s mounting plate are avialable ill take them

ur pm box was full

I forgot to mention the Chtulu is a PS3/BC one and it comes with a white USB B cable.

I cleared up my inbox, so feel free to pm me.


payment sent for te jlf n s mounting plate

pm sent.

what do i need to do to that Cthulu Board to dual mod a 360 to 360/ps3?

BUMP for new stuff added.

Bump for added HRAP case.
Will take a pic tomorrow.

interested in the hrap case.

How much use has the sixaxis controller seen? I’m wondering about the battery, I know they have a limited number of recharges before they just stop holding juice.

I haven’t used it much at all since I first got it.
When I first got my PS3, I got a dualshock controller within a month.
So it should still have plenty of battery life left.

Still have the inpin?