WTS: PS3/360 stick, Hacked PCB's, LED Boards (UK seller)

[*]Modded Ps2 stick:

117 including shipping to USA

105 including shipping to Europe/UK

A dual mod, 360/PS3, Sanwa stick, Seimitsu buttons. Uses 1 USB cable (switch at back).

LED on/off switch at back, headset access, controller ring of light modded to red leds near headset (indicating player 1/2, for 360/ps3).







Wire brushed base:


Smooth roundover edges on the plexi:



[*]Hacked PCB’s:

All pad hacks have all buttons to quick disconnects (including left and right trigger for 360 pad), daisy chain for the ground. d-pad wired to 5 pin cable from maplins.

I have:

  • 1 x PS3 wired pad PCB

33 including postage (UK), 37 to Europe.

  • 2 x CG Xbox 360 hacked pcb’s for sale. (had 3 sold 1)

Also note the d-pad is also connected to a barrier strip (as in the madcatz hacked pcb below) in case you ever need to use something other than a 5-pin for a jlf.

Reduced prices on the 360 padhacks: sourced cheaper pads.

33 including postage (UK), 37 to Europe. 40 to the USA/Canada.

Previously, 42, 46/



Full description and example:



Let me know:

1 - If your source pad is common ground, common line, or matrix ground (on a wireless board the led’s will drain your batteries, so wireless not reccomended).

2 - what color led you want (they are ultra bright 3mm) and I can swap them to suit. Red, Blue, Green, White. Or alternatively use your own. Simply disconnect and reconnect your ones with the barrier strips.

Price including postage:

UK: 17
Europe: 20
USA: 25

Remember these have quick disconnects, led’s already attached and a daisy chain for the common line.

If you want a board one without the quick disconnects, a certain distance for the led’s wiring, a version without the led’s (you have your own - simply connect to barrier strips) etc. let me know and I can reduce the price on a case by case basis.


Empty Case (SOLD):


Madcatz Hacked 360 pad (SOLD):

UPDATE: added extra pic, added 360 padhacked pcb for sale.

How much would shipping cost to Sweden for the pcb?

Will check royal mail, but someone just said they’re interested just before. Will get back to you if they fall through.

edit, soz Mr Keffi, the person took it.

Empty case still for sale. Will entertain offers, reduced to 50.

ah ok :slight_smile: better luck next time ^^

added some additional items for sale (LED boards).

I’ll take one of the LED boards…

Do you have white or red LED’s? I’ll pay extra for either.

I have a cthulhu with screw terminals for my buttons and 5v and ground. Will I be able to install this board without any soldering?

If I got it right, all i need to do is:

  1. slip in the LEDs into the button
  2. wire to the corresponding screw terminal for each button
  3. wire to 5v and ground (which are also on screw terminals)
  4. connect the daisy chained LED grounds to ground screw terminal

where in any of the 4 steps above would i need anything to have quick disconnects??

will you have pre-daisy-chained the grounds on the LEDs to each other?

I have access to red LED’s, that’s correct about the +5 and - if the Cthulhu has it, so no soldering with the screw terminals. Quick disconnects are already connected to wires leading from the led board. Led’s are daisy chained.


Hey info,

Sent you a few PMs over the week as well as emailed. Just curious on the status of my order.

Anyone else heard from him recently?

Regarding the led boards, and please forgive my ignorance but i get the +5v and ground but how does -5v com into it cos i wouldnt know where to get that from on the board that i’m planning to use.

Sincere apologies about the late reply, dtran and etownnipples, plz check yourr pm’s. Regards/

Eye, the -5v, or 0Volts I should say, should be located somewhere near the +5v on your pcb/ A multimeter will definitely help with this. If it’s usb, it’s usually the red wire for the +5v and black for the 0V.

I’ve updated the OP with a video description of the LED board. Hope this helps with any questions.

Yes it does. Thamks much

pmed you.

how much would shipping cost to Canada

for the Led board? That would be the same as USA (25).

What do your prices translate to American dollars?

You can use xe.com to do the conversions (41 USD) but paypal has their own conversions which slightly aren’t as friendly I believe.

hey, just wondering where in the UK you were, i’m after a 360 pcb to try and dual mod my PS3 Streetfighter 4 SE stick.

Is that something you have done or could offer help with, for some cash? (i’ll buy the PCB from you anyway!)

refresh, added a new stick to sell. :wgrin:

I sent you a PM about the Taki stick. This is a dual mod stick for PS3 and 360, right?