WTS: PS2 System/Games, Wii Games, DVD's, Random stuff

PS2 Stuff:
PS2 Slim System (75 shipped OBO)
Comes with: Av/Power hook ups. black dual shock controller. logitech wireless controller
on hold till tuesday

FFXII (Complete, 12 shipped)

Super Paper Mario (Complete, 30 shipped)
LoZ: Twilight Princess (Complete, 30 shipped)
Both for 55 shipped.

24 seasons 1-3. (Complete, 45 shipped for all three)
Darkstalkers the Animated Series (NOT NIGHT WARRIORS! 8 shipped)
Both for 50 shipped.

Sandisk Cruzer 4g Pen Drive (15 shipped)

SF Anniversary Edition Guide (Some spine damage but basically new. Comes with OST as well, 10 shipped) On hold till Tuesday

Paypal preferred. I do ship international but shipping prices vary on location.

feed back thread.

Thanks in advanced.

SF AE Guide is on hold.

PM send. BTW are you open to trades?

I got it. If I don’t get any offers by the end of the week it’s yours.

And no, not really. I’m moving soon so I don’t need more stuff.

can you show me some pics of the back of your ps2?
oh and old the cdx for me please.

Yeah. No problem. I’ll have pics up by tonight.

I’m sick of buying stuff from you! :mad:

…Pm sent!

Hey Stu:

What kind of Cruzer is it? Is it the Micro?


Lies and Blasphemy.

PM Responded to.

CDX has been sold.

PS2 and SF AE guild on hold till tuesday.

some prices lowered.

PM Sent

pen drive has been sold.