WTS PS2 Saturn Pad, Custom Stick and more

Here’s the deal, one of my clients cancelled (custom stick art) and now I no longer have the extra cash for a TE stick. Here’s what I have to offer:

Darkstalkers PS2 Saturn Pad - SOLD

I bought this a year ago before I got into sticks. Only used once by me however it was owned by a prior party. Buttons still very responsive, d-pad still great if the saturn motif is your thing.

Konami IIDX Controller - SOLD

The same stock peripheral that came with the US IIDX.

Valkyrie Profile - SOLD

Used, but in good condition.

Saga Frontier 2 - $20 Shipped.

Same as VP.

Tactics Ogre - $40 Shipped.

Disk only.

HP DVD Burner - $30 Shipped.

Around a year old, good condition.

All prices are listed or best offer. Send offers via PM. All items will be shipped via USPS, unless you would prefer another option. US residents only.

EDIT- My custom stick is also up for grabs. Formerly a Byrdo stick (Penny Arcade), it has since been modded with newer sanwa parts and a paintjob (a very sloppy job due to my inexperience). A solid stick. $50 obo. SOLD

From the Top:

From the Side:

The bottom is covered in a felt material, unfortunately I had to cut in each area where the screws were.

P.M. sent
Ill take the saturn pad.

List updated. Custom stick is also for sale

pm sent! tyvm

VP for playstation 1 or PSP? I’ll totally take it if it’s the original Playstation game and still available.

VP for PS1.

pm sent again :lovin: please hold the stick for me until i get out of work pls.

You PM box is full. I’ll be able to take payment no so please message me your email.

God Damn You Vampiro!!!

Incert fist shakes

pics of iidx controller and condition?


Unfortunately it’s seen more dust than Easy 5’s. Great condition overall.

All items paid have been shipped today via USPS Priority. Again, thank you for your patronage.