WTS: PS2-PS3 Convertor, HRAPSA, DC, etc

I have list of items to sell
-Will ship thru USPS Only
-Located in Central Florida for local pickup
-Will ship items within 2 business days
-1st Come 1st Serve
-Prices listed are reasonable OBO please reply with good offers anything else will be ignored
-All products have been fully tested and have been used in a non-smoking environment
-If items are not sold within 2 weeks will be listing them on Ebay
-PM if interested

Dreamcast Bundle Asking Price $60
-Tested Works Great Also works with CD-Rs
*Dreamcast Manufactured in Jan. 2000
*2 Controllers
*Sega Arcade Classics Videogame CD

PS2-DC Convertors
-I have 2 available both have been tested and work great
*Total Control Plus/EMS–$35

Dreamcast Accessories
-2 Dreamcast Keyboards for sale, Tested w/ Typing of the Dead
*$10 for each

Hori Real Arcade Pro SA for the PS2
-Bought from Ebay a couple months ago and replaced buttons with 8 brand new
OBSF-30RG Buttons & micro switches
-I left an extra micro switch inside of the joystick
-The beginning of the connector cord is frayed and can be repaired with electrical
-Asking Price is $145

Pelican PS2-PS3 Converter
-Asking Price $60

Mayflash Cube Joybox PS2-GC Converter
-2 Available
-$30 Each

Xbox 360 Bundle
-Manufactured in 10-10-2007 Warranty for RROD or E74 Expires in 7-10-2010
-No 3 RROD or E74 Issue
-Comes with 2 controllers, Power Brick Cable, Audio/Video Cables & Grand Theft Auto & Call of Duty 4 Videogames

Price for the 360 Bundle?

Did you get my PC regarding the HRAP Sticks?

price on the 360 and u should post if it has hdmi or not. thanks.

lol id drop the price on those ps2 to dc converters, considering youre listing them at like 10 or more dollars than play asia, and yours are used

I second this, PM’ed you about them.