Wts: ps2/1 blaze twin joystick

SD to Temecula till sat,

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like the one pictured on the bottom, 30 bucks.

Great case for building a dual joystick for modern systems, but also works on ps2 and ps1 (i think).

any cheaper? or cover shipping?

i prefer to sell locally to avoid shipping costs, buy pays shipping.

If u were to ship how much shipped to 18102

it’s gonna be 30 to 35 because of the dimensions and a box.

Where exactly is local for you? I’m in Menifee but would need to find a ride to you. Knowing where that is will help me figure out if I can do a pickup.

murrieta hot springs road and winchester. pm for more details if you’re still interested.

pm d

Sent you a PM. Ready to pick it up tomorrow or Saturday.