WTS: Premodded TE2 sticks

I have two TE2 that I have modded for sale. Both sticks are in excellent condition as they were modded and tested only . They are $340 shipped each (Within USA, international shipping is extra).

XB1 Killer Instinct TE2 dual modded with TE2 crossbone and Hori Fighting Commander 4. Defaults to XB1. Hold the A button during plug in to switch to the HFC4. When in HFC4 mode you can use the physical switch on the pcb to switch between ps4 and ps3.
While the stick is new, the box I have for it is not its original box.


PS4 Madcatz TE2 dual modded with PDP MKX fightpad. |/O switch inside switches between m|crosoft mode and sOny mode. Switch on home panel switches between old gen and next gen.