WTS: Practically New Dual Modded Round 2 TE ($160 Shipped US48)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

There’s been some interest in seeing pictures of the wiring. Here they are. All of the contacts have been hot glued (not that they needed, just added diligence) and all of the wires have been grouped in a color coded fashion to make them easier to identify. Each set of wires was also hot glued into a flat group to keep them even more organized.


Those pictures are the current condition of the stick; excellent. It’s only been used in a few fights and was purchased during SCR with the intent to sell. I had a spare ChImp board around and used it to dual mod this.

The price is $160 Shipped US48 (At this point, including shipping, this is at or a little below what it costs me to make.)


Buy it for a Christmas present, buy it to take to your next tournament, buy it to take to a friend’s house. I don’t care, it’s solid and dual modded.

I also have 6 Namco/Hori Buttons. They’re the same buttons as the ones in the famouse Namco Stick, but they’re GREEN. I’ll sell them and the matching balltop for $25 shipped.

Accepting trades, looking for:

Evo monitor in good condition
Custom wooden case, preferably 8 button + cash
Namco stick(s) + cash

If you have something else similar to one of these things I’m looking for, let me know. I’ll think it over.

More pictures added.

More pictures added.

Final Price Drop. $100 for the TE, $40 for the ChImp, + Wiring, Solder, Hot Glue, Labor, and Shipping is a lot more than the current price. This is the basic cost for the main components only.

I have a friend that’s wanting to start playing street fighter and needs his own stick. Unfortunately he’s on vacation in Florida at the moment. I’ll run this by him and see if he wants it.

Just to clarify, It’s 140 for the stick and it’s already dual modded right? Is it the kind of dual mod that requires you to hold down the home button to play on Ps3? Or is it just plug and play?

No, it’s $160 shipped. I was just breaking down the cost of the stick and board alone; not including all of the wiring, minor parts, and work involved. Shipping is included in the price though.

Sorry for the confusion.

He should be back in the area by Monday. Where do you live exactly if you don’t mind my asking?

Hey, I’ve been looking for a dual modded for stick, so if you still have it, I’ll take it off your hands. I get paid this Friday, so I can get you the money after my check clears.


Yeah, I still have it. The guy that posted above you said he wanted it but I haven’t heard from him in a little bit. Send me a PM when you’re ready and hopefully I’ll still have it at that point.

Will do. I’ll let you know when I get the money in the bank.

Commemorative bump in honor of all the flakes.

I changed the top to 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Vinyl. It looks mega-slick.

Still for sale.


Wow, bump for you man. 3M Di-Noc is high quality material. Don’t sleep guys. This stick is totally worth the money!

I wish I could affor this right now. I have a custom stick that I’d be willing to trade but I’m selling that one for 250. If you’re interested, we could work something out.

You still have the clear plexi as well as the CF top? I may want to put some custom artwork in there…

Also does it “default” to ps3 or 360 mode? How do you switch between the two?

Also i am dual mod noob, does it have both cords? One “connector” and you plug in the cord you want to use? 1 usb cord that works on both systems?

90% chance i’ll take it depending on answers to above lol.

btw im in california where are you located?


It looks like the default system is 360. It is a CHiMP so it auto switches to whatever system it is plugged into. It should be a single cord coming out of it. No adapter. No question that this is an incredible deal.

Definitely is. Personally I think ComradeTao is nuts for letting it go so cheap!

The carbon fiber is removable (3m Di-noc is designed that way)and there’s no plexiglass. Everything that lefty said about the insides is right but I guess there’s no “Default” system. It just works on either one you plug it into. The carbon fiber actually has a really cool texture and you’d miss out on the cool feel of it if you plexiglass over it

ill take it. Paypal is ideal i imagine. PM me your info on here.

Also shoot me an email at savlador (dot) mazzurco (at) gmail (dot) com to let me know you PMed me.