WTS: Playstation one with LCD (SOLD)

Hi everyone,
I have a playstation systems bundle for sale or trade (shipping in the US only please)

PS3: $60 plus shipping (SOLD)

  • PS3 system 60GB (see notes below), firmware 3.50, the big version with 4 USB ports and memory card slots. The blue laser is not working so it can’t read blurays discs or PS3 games, however the red laser is fine, so it can read PS2/Ps1 games and DVDs. This is the CECHE01 model which can play BOTH PS1 and PS2 games.
  • AV cable
  • Power cord
  • Dualshock3 controller (really sticky D-pad and buttons, needs to be cleaned inside)
  • USB cable
    NOTE: the system has been open and someone tried to replace the blue laser, however they didn’t and lost one screw that holds the top cover). The system boot up fine and works fine. This was originally an 80GB system, but the drive was replaced with a 60GB drive. I think this would be great for a dedicate netflix/hulu/vudu/media center with playing PS1/Ps2 system or you could just replace the optical drive and it will be like fine, or use this for spare parts.

The missing screw

PS2: $35 plus shipping (SOLD)

  • PS2 slim system (good condition)
  • AV cable
  • Power brick and cable
  • 2 interact memory cards
  • 2 Dualshock2 controllers
  • Capcom classic collection
  • Sealed PS2 Spiderman game
  • Sealed PS2 Tony Hawk game

PS1: $25 plus shipping (SOLD)

  • PSone system with LCD screen (very good condition, screen still has orignal plasic sheet on it. It was barely used)
  • Power cable
  • 3rd party controller
  • Sealed PS1 Tony Hawk game
  • Official carry bag

Bundle has been split, please see above for pricing.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions!

If this does not sale I am interested in the ps3 console only.

how much for the ps3 system alone?

and is there any other stick for 360 you have in mind?

If this does not sell, I am interested in PS2

I’m hoping I can do a trade for the whole bundle for a stick. I dropped the price (see first post)

I’m currently only interested in a new madcatz TE soul calibur stick or a good condition Chun li TE stick, or a new Hori PS3 SCV stick. If this changes, I’ll update the thread.

Thanks for looking!

alright, i have a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA if you’re interested in that.

I would have jumped on that if it had the Namco Noir layout ( I really liked this layout). And the reason why I listed the Chun li stick as a wanted is because I like the clear blue case :slight_smile:

Price dropped (see first post) No one wants to trade this for a stick (a new Madcatz SCV X360 or Hori SCV PS3 stick)? ^_^;;
I think there’s a special on the Hori Soul Calibur PS3 stick during the NCR :slight_smile:

how much for just the ps2?

at the moment, I want to keep it as a bundle to entice for a trade :slight_smile:

Price dropped to $125 plus shipping. This is for all 3 systems. Thanks for looking!

you are selling everything for $125?

see first post for price update :slight_smile:

Ok, I was hoping I could just get the PS2 from you./

if no one buys this as a bundle at that price by the end of Thursday’s night, I will split it and contact people who were interested in each of the system.

^^^im interested in just the PS2 as well.

Interested in the PS1 bundle, let me know if the lot gets split up!

Once its split the bundle, I will go down through the posts/conversions of each person in that order of interests on each of the system. If I don’t hear back from them within 24hours, I will go on to the next person. I hope that makes sense.

Someone make it easy for me, buy the full bundle! I’ll do free shipping with in the US so the price is $120 shipped :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the PS1 bundle!!!

If you are only selling the PS2 system, how much would it be?