WTS: Peacemaker Kurogane COMPLETE w/ autograph by Yumiko Kobayashi!

Hello Everyone.
I’m selling the Peacemaker Kurogane complete box set with an autograph by Ichimura’s Japanese Voice Actor, Yumiko Kobayashi.
Yumiko Kobayashi also plays Black Star in Soul Eater.

I received her autograph from the Anime Central convention, which took place on May 14-16 2010 in Chicago, IL.

The collection itself is in mint condition as I haven’t watched it.
I just removed the plastic to check out the packaging. I’m selling this set for $45 shipped



I have a couple of other items for sale.

  1. 15th Anniversary PS2 Chun LI Fightpad - $15 Shipped
    Mint Condition
    Includes all original packaging including the UDON comic

  2. Final Fantasy Trading Arts Goodies - $15 Shipped’

  3. Trading Arts Vol. 1 - Cloud Strife

  4. Trading Arts Vol. 1 - Sephiroth

  5. Trading Arts Vol. 1 - Rinoa

  6. Trading Arts Vol. 1 - Yuna

  7. Trading Arts Vol. 2 - Rikku

  8. Trading Arts Vol. 2 - Turks Vincent

  9. FF7 AC: Kadaj Keychain

  10. FF7 AC: Loz Keychain

  11. FF7 AC: Tifa Lockhart
    All stands are included for the Trading Arts Figures




Thank you for stopping by!

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Added Final Fantasy Trading Arts Figures!

Would you sale just a single figure?

Well here’s the thing. Even if you bought one figure I’d still have to ask for shipping which would make you pay about $11 anyway.
Here’s the breakdown of the set:
$25 Figures + $5 Shipping

I’m mainly just trying to get rid of them.
However, I can negotiate a lower price for the figures, but the shipping will have to remain $5.

The only one i am interested is Vincent.

I’d be willing to sell Vincent alone for $15.
$10 figure; $5 Shipping.

Let me think on it and I will pm you when i make a decision.

Ok, that sounds good.

Price Drops.

Added New item: Peacemaker Kurogane Set.

Price Drops:
Peacemaker Kurogane Box Set: $60>$45
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Set: $20>$15

How much for the Distant World Shirt? :smiley:

Lol, I knew someone would ask that one day.
It actually isn’t for sell since I bought it as a souvenir from the concert.
I use it kinda like a background for everything I sell :slight_smile: