WTS or trade kraylix cabinet assembled with Samsung tv/new sanwa controls

So I got this cab from a friend of mine who drove to Texas and picked it up from Kray . It’s been sitting in my store for a few months and it’s never been used until a few days ago .

So couple of days ago I bought 2 taito x2 kits with sf4ae. My plan was to get a coin mech and put this in the store but after some thought I realized its not really made for commercial use. It’s such a nice cab it’d be a Shame to let’s the kids destroy it. So I’d rather have it go to a home where it will be cherished .

As of right now it has a legit taito x2 hooked up to it so we could test both kits . All the Sanwa sticks and buttons are brand new. 2 days old. I bought them from another member here.

So my plan is to sell this and get a couple commercial hd cabs from a friend .

Here what you get.
Kraylix cabinet assembled.
Brand new sanwa sticks and buttons for both players.
Samsung 720p hd lcd.

I’m thinking 750 is fair price since u get controls and tv and it’s assembled and no waiting.

Cabis located in SoCal .

I’ll be checking this thread as much as I can .

Open to trades for retro nes snes or other commercial cabs/arcades.

pictures and specific location plz, also what kind of monitor is it specifically?

Tryed to post pics but I’m getting a not allowed error on iPhone. Will post when I get to store.

Cab located in Covina 91723




I’ll check exact model later .


Another pic. Buyers are welcome to test anytime .

great fuckin deal someone needs to jump on this quick!

Agreed. Yeah jump on this !

have a chance to find out the model of that tv yet?

Does the tv Model really matter? $750 is he’ll of deal. If you can ship this to olympia,WA for an extra $200 I’ll take it hehe. $950 :slight_smile:

Maybe I’d think shipping but I’d rather have someone come to my store. Check it out. Play some street fighter and make a deal. I would think about shipping in the near future .

cool i got dibs if u decide to ship.

Ok no problem.

Really . That’s some good info thanks.

Maybe even willing to knock off 200 if u don’t want the tv although the tv is real nice

This is one HELL of a deal! These cabs cost about that much in pieces without a TV or controls…someone might as well drive out there and pick it up from him. Good luck with your sale!

I wish i was on west coast, great deal

Thanks for the nice words guys and yeah this cab deal is good. Just trying to help out the community and put this cab somewhere where it’ll be taken care of .

I’ll be at my store in Covina all night if anyone wants to come down.

1UP Videogames
111 N. Citrus ave.
Covina ,CA 91723


Just ask for Joey

Damn this is a really good deal. I wish I still lived in so cal sad face

Real good deal, I got mine from Jamespoop for $600 and that was just the cab! Wish I had room for a second one, but I’m gunning for a custom vertical shmup based Kraylix right now. Best of luck with the sale!

man…socal people get the best deals…lame…

SoCal definately does get a lot of deals. Us and ny.