WTS: Old-School Consoles

Hi everyone,

I have several old-school consoles that I’m willing to part with. School is back in session and so are the bills. In anycase, below are the items that I’m offering. I ship internationally and have SRK selling experience. So if you’re interested in anything, please send me a PM and hopefully we can have a quick and smooth transaction. I accept PayPal and Money Order only.



$45 - 1xCIB Game Boy Advance, Color: Glacier (AGB-001) SOLD

$45 - 1xCIB Sony PlayStation (SCPH-1001/94000) SOLD

$60 - 1x1989 Boxed Game Boy Compact Video Game System (DMG-GBTR-USA-3) SOLD
Note: Includes all inserts, Tetris game and packaging.

$60 - 1xNIB Sega 32X (MK-84001) SOLD

$60-75 - 1x1993 Boxed US Sega CD, CD-ROM Entertainment System for Genesis SOLD
Note: Missing Sewer Shark game.

$80 - 1xNIB Nintendo Gamecube, Limited Edition Platinum SOLD

$95 - 1xCIB XBox Video Game System (0903 Part No. X10-11857-01) SOLD

$190~220 - 1xCIB Sega Saturn (MK-80001) SOLD

$425-500 - 1xNIB Super NES System, LE Killer Instinct Set (SNS S HA 15) SOLD

P.S. If you have any questions or would like any additional photos, please let me know.