WTS: Oakley Wisdom in Matte White Snow Goggles w/Fire Iridium Lens

WTS: Oakley Wisdom in Matte White Snow Goggles w/Fire Iridium Lens

Oakley Wisdom Matte White w/Fire Iridium Lens (considered rare due to it being discontinued)
Great condition with a very tiny very light hairline 1mm scratch on the lens that even my 5 megapixel camera can barely pick up and you can’t see it when you are wearing the goggles (does not obstruct vision).
The scratch was caused when I stupidly tried rubbing the snow off with my snowboarding glove.
I have marked the scratch with a white square around it on the lens and it is still very hard to capture. See it in person and you will have a hard time locating it.
Used the goggles for 1 full day at Sierra last year and has been stored ever since in my cabinet.
Originally purchased at Oakley for $209.

Oakley Wisdom frame w/Fire Iridium lens
Original white microfiber cloth

Looking for $115 shipped in U.S. (was $125)
Retails $199.99 @ Oakley
PM me
I do have Paypal.


“ADIDAS” Trucker Hats (New and unauthentic) Logos are printed.
$15 shipped ea. (was $17)


anyone going snowboarding/skiing?

The jacket looks pretty nice, hopefully someone’ll take it. Good luck with the sale!

I think I will need the luck considering I’m trying to sell snow gear on SRK lol
I should promote it as Hey this gear would look great when you are kicking ass on your matching TE stick or something lol.

By the way added these sick a$$ Oakley Wisdom Goggles to the sale. Fire Iridium Lens used for Sunny/Clear days.

weekend bump


PM me offers

I’ll could take $260 shipped in U.S. for both jacket and goggles.

I’ll could take $260 shipped in U.S. for both jacket and goggles.


Accepting OFFERS but no trades or favors lol

favors? lol

favors won’t pay my bills lol

bump for snowwww lol


Nobody wants to stay warm in the snow playing SSF4??! weird

Edit: and nobody wants to reduce eyestrain from those new 3D LED TV’s when playing SSF4??! strange

5% price drop to bump stuff, read the stickies.

And no, it isn’t because I want a discount on your shit.

Is it because you want a discount? lol

Anyways, The North Face Vortex Jacket is SOLD.

Prices lowered on the rest.