WTS: Nintendo Wii,Hacked PSP,Zune HD,Logitech Harmony One Remote

Got a bunch of stuff to sell. Will trade for Magic the Gathering cards (has to be alot of good stuff though).

The Zune 32GB is in perfect condition,mint,no scratches and comes complete with its original box and all accessories/paperwork,like new! Asking 245.00 FREE SHIPPING!

The Wii is adult owned (no children) and comes with remote,nunchuck and all the wires/powercords. I don’t have the box. Asking 175.00 SHIPPED FREE!

PSP - sold

Please Verified Paypal only,I can ship to Canada but it wont be free. Free shipping is for the lower 48 only. I will ship the items UPS with tracking. You also need to have some Itrader feedback here as well.

I can provide more pics if needed

thanks alot

Also selling a Logitech Harmony One Touchscreen Universal Remote,like new,perfect and complete.
Asking 160.00 Shipped via UPS w/ tracking.

can’t sell hacked or modded items.

Ah,thanks,changed the listing on the PSP.

Any particular magic cards? well only good ones I have are hypotic specter, haunting echoes, nemesis of reason , urgborg tomb of yawgmoth, oona queen of fae and reiver demon. :xeye:

Nah,thinking more of the newer Standard stuff,if its older it’d have to be things like dual lands or P9 cards.

I could try doing Magic + $$$, interested in the Wii and the PSP (PM me with details), do you have a list of what are you looking for? I have a bunch of DCI promos besides some Standard staples. I would pay shipping to here with verified Paypal, but if you’re not willing to send outside of the US by any reason, I could get an US address for you to send.


I would be interested in the Zune HD but I can only offer stuff from my thread. Interested in anything?

Pm’s replied to

Thread title still says Hacked PSP, and no matter what you call it, your not allowed to sell modded/hacked consoles/systems in here.

i have a huge box of mtg cards, im interested in the wii console. pm me so we can see if we can work out a deal

Ok I pm’d you