WTS: New QCF Sanwa Poplar 6 Button Sized Case - Added a new HITBOX style case

Hello everybody,

Here is a new Sanwa 6 button poplar case.

It will need thorough sanding as with all my cases that are unfinished.

The problem with this case is that the neutrik USB adapter hole is a little bit above center. Maybe 1 - 2 millimeters off. For this reason, I lowered the price by $5 to $30.


3 24mm recessed holes on the back with beveled edges
1 24 neutrik USB adapter hole (USB neutrik only)
Lexan on top and wood on bottom.
6 button vewlix layout

All you have to do on your part is sand, stain, and clear coat, just sand and clear coat, or sand prime and paint. Or maybe if you want, you could you leave it as is, unprotected.

Small finish brad nails were added into each corner for added strength. This is highly recommended by me! You can easily hide these by using wood filler and painting over it. However, if you just stain and clear coat, they will still be visible unless you fill the hole with matching wood filler.

I’m looking to get $30 + $10 shipping for a total of $40.

Anyways, here are pictures.

1/10/11 - Adding HITBOX style case. THIS IS SOLD

Here is a hitbox style case I made. Letting it go for $30 + $10 ship.

Utilizes 6 24mm buttons on top, and 9 30mm buttons on top. Has a cord slit on the bottom back.

This layout I made has a naturally feeling because the layout is somewhat tilted inwards, just like your hands are when you play.

Here is a pic of another HITBOX style case with buttons, same exact layout.

Shipping will still be $10 if both cases are bought by one person!

Added a HITBOX style case.

Edit: Nevermind, it’s sold.

satek, your inbox is full.

So do you have any more Satek? Just wondering, loved the 3 I bought before.

Cmon Satek been trying to pick one of these up for over a month now…clear your inbox! :wink:

ill take the Sanwa Poplar 6 Button Sized Case if its still available.

got another HITBOX?

Sorry guys, have nothing atm.

would like to know if this is still for sale? Thanks!