WTS: New HRAP2 Joystick for PS2

Item Sold.

Damn. I would have bought it from you straight-up.

A additional note :

This will only be mailed within the United States and I’ll be using Delivery Confirmation.

Damn that sucks cause im the guy who asked if u can ship it to Canada:sad: after realizing u post on srk. If u shipped to Canada i would have for sure pay the reserve

$35 shipping?! :sad:

This saddens me deeply.

Sorry man but I can’t ship this outside the USA unless I actually know you. (ebay buyer and seller protection won’t cover it)

Good point. I’ll refund you the difference of the shipping costs after everything is wrapped up and mailed. :tup:

To potential buyers in southern california :

If you win the auction you can also save on the shipping costs by arranging a pickup at FFA.

The auction has 20 minutes left.

you gotta be kidding me.

wow with that winning bid + shipping, one can get a hrap 2 sa from akihabarashop for about the same price!