WTS/Need repair of PS3 TE Stick

A friend of mine was about to throw away his PS3 TE Stick when I rescued it from the trash. The only problems I can find is that the stick doesn’t register and one of the clips holding the back on snapped. It still closes with a small gap in one of the corners but I’m not sure if it can be repaired… All buttons seem to work fine, even the home button, etc. So I’m trying to determine if it would be worth it to have someone overhaul the stick with new parts or if I should just sell it.

I’m aware that WTS threads require a price, so if someone could let me know what something like this might bring, I’ll post a price ASAP. If anyone is interested, I’ll post pics of it later.

So looking for offers on repair/upgrading parts or selling as is.

Thanks, sorry for the novel.

If the PCB is fried, you could order one of these from Laugh, put it in, and have a 360/PS3 stick for less than $100. It’s more than worth the effort and cash, if you have both to spare.

How do I tell? The buttons all seem to work fine it’s just the joystick that isn’t working.

Make sure the stick is completely connected to the PCB of the TE. It sounds like the stick took a nasty hit somehow, so it could be some loose wires, or something. If that’s not the problem, test the stick on another controller. If the stick works on the other PCB, I’d say the TE’s is probably kaput. I’m no expert, but that’s just basic troubleshooting. If I’m wrong, anyone can feel free to correct me.

Whatever the case, if the stick and buttons are still in working order, with case intact, you’ll have a perfectly viable TE on the cheap with just a little work and coin invested.:rock:

Appreciate the tips. I’m figuring at worst it could be gutted and overhauled.

Hey man, I sent you a PM but your box is full. Let me know when you’ve cleared it out.

My bad, didn’t notice that. It’s clear now.

how much for it?

ill trhow a psp for it.

yo if your selling it, let me know im interested