WTS: Need Cash! Blazblue and Dual Mod TE's, low price!

Hey guys. In need of some cash ASAP due to me having to buy a car before school starts (Jan. 14th for me). Help a brutha out!

360 Blazblue TE. Near Mint, excellent condition. No box. - $130 (Send me your zip for a shipping estimate.)
Album with more pics HERE

Dual-Modded Round 1 TE - $150 OBO

Dual-Modded with a Madcatz 360 Fightpad and Imp v2 so there’s only one wire out. Stick itself is in excellent condition, barely played on (less than 5 hours). I can swap out the buttons/balltop if interested for what I have below also. More pics on request.

(I’ll mix/match the sanwa buttons/rims)

Yellow Sanwa Ball Top - New - $2

Vermillion Sanwa Ball Top - Heavily Used - $.50

Black Ball Top (Small, looks like 24mm) - Used - $1

8 Blue/Black Seimitsu 30mm Screw-Ins - Like New - $13

6 White Sanwa 30mm Buttons - Used - $6
(Ignore the 24mm in the background, it’s listed below)

4 Yellow/Black Sanwa 30mm Snap-Ins - Barely Used/Like New - $2 each

2 Yellow/Light Blue Sanwa 30mm Snap-Ins - Used - $1.50 each

Green Sanwa 30mm Snap-In - Used - $1.50

White Sanwa 24mm Snap-In - Used - $1.50 (red/blue are sold)

Sega Dreamcast Pad - Hacked/Ready for Install - $6

iL Screw-ins - Yellow and Blue - $1


(Only interested in complete NTSC games unless otherwise stated)

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Cannon Spike
Project Justice
Power Stone
Power Stone Sega All Stars
Power Stone 2
Sonic Adventure 2
Street Fighter III (any version)
Shenmue II
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia II
Jet Grind Radio

Manual for Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes
Manual for Virtual-On
Back insert for Power Stone 2

Prices include shipping?

I have it listed at the top, $3.50 flat shipping fee.

Lowered prices a bit, and added pad-hacking.

Sorry for the newbie question, but mind explaining “pad-hacking” to those of us not in the custom-stick or modding scene? (cough me cough)

Pad hacking is basically taking a game pad/controller and wiring it for install into an arcade stick, either for building a new custom stick or for dual modding (like if you had a ps3 stick but wanted it to work for 360, you could pad-hack a 360 pad and wire it into the ps3 stick).

That sounds absolutely wonderful; in fact, once I’m home from college for a little bit (likely during Thanksgiving), I’m highly considering having my 360 arcade stick pad-hacked to work with ps3 also. How much would that cost, given shipment to/from the Los Angeles area?

He only padhacks, not dual mod. But you can try it. If not look for a local modder.

Also, pmd about buttons and balltop.

Actually, I could do a dual mod. I just figured people needed to know that I know how to handle soldering/pcb’s, and get some references before they would trust me with their sticks. I have extensive experience with that kind of stuff from my background in computer repair. Maybe I should list it up though.


Listed the services.

Bump, added quite a few new items.

do you buy sticks?

I’m not looking to buy any sticks atm. Unless it’s super cheap, I just don’t need to spend money on them right now.

Also: Shipped out Blue/Red 24mm and balltop to Bartstation yesterday.

Trying to sell these TE’s! Lowered the price of the ps3 r1. If you’re interested in either of them please inbox me.

Updated with things I’m willing to BUY.

Interested in the two NES controllers. How’s the condition?

The NES Max controller is in excellent condition for it’s age (no major scratches/gauges or anything) and the regular controller is in fair condition. It’s pretty good on the front with just some small minor dings/scratches, but the back is what you’d probably expect from a fairly used controller of it’s age, it’s pretty scratched. Structurally and all, they’re fine and were both working the last time I had an NES. I can try to get some better photos if you’d like.

Yeah, more pictures would be great, thanks.

More pics of the NES controllers here: http://s1306.photobucket.com/albums/s566/TigerishThings/NES%20Controllers/

Price drops on a lot of items.

Price drop on the BB stick, and other items. I’d like to get this stick sold…