WTS: near mint HRAP3 $90 shipped! SOLD

I realize im selling big items with no real feedback on this site anymore, but that’s thanks to the forum change. Here is my ebay profile to get a sense of how I do things. All prices include shipping.

Near mint condition, hasn’t had any play past a month. I didn’t really need the stick and it was kind of an impulse buy. Standard retail parts nothing changed.

HRAP 3 Arcade stick Amazon Edition $90 sold (shipped)


Near mint condition. Modded with light blue sanwa buttons, blue balltop, and button plugs

The only problem with the stick is cosmetic. The wrinkling around the nails on the top is the only issue. Otherwise everything is full sanwa buttons, and a Sanwa JLF joystick.

revamped thread with new items

got anything for the ps3?

if not fuck you dude.

The amazon stick is a ps3 stick, good sir.

Good day

do you have an almost mint condition ps3 or xbox elite for $100? ill take it if you do.

pm sent.

Lowered prices on arcade sticks…

Nintendo DS and MW2 360 transactions are pending.

Price drop for sticks and NDS…


Hrap ex-se sold

MW2 price drop (no longer pending same as Nintendo Ds)

interested in MWF2


shiznat on Ebay now



Your PM box is full, empty it up for me. :tup:


if anyone has an inpin they can sell me at EVO, pm

need this shit

big price drop

It’s not going to be $90 for me when you send it to Canada, is it? You know, with Customs and stuff.