WTS: Namco Playstation Arcade Stick - $55 Shipped

This is one of the OG playstation arcade sticks by namco. Very slim profile and angled shell.

I obtained this through a trade with fatherbrain and I no longer play any older gen consoles nor do I have the tools to modify this stick, otherwise I would definitely keep it.

This unit is really a modders delight. It’s a rare item and has the slimmest profiles I’ve ever seen for an arcade stick. It also has a very nice angle on the face. It has been highly regarded as one of the best arcade stick shells to ever be produced.

I have not tested the unit for it’s integrity, meaning I have no idea how well it works when plugged in, etc. What I do know is that it is in it’s original condition, meaning it’s never been modded before and it has it’s original pcb and parts on it.

The inside of the stick looks practically brand new. The top of the stick is in good condition, but the bottom plate has acquired a little surface rust, but should be able to get buffed right off.

This is a gorgeous shell and any modders out there will have a blast with this thing.

My asking price is $55 Shipped. I think this is a fair price, considering the shipping on the unit itself will be around ten dollars.

Current Pictures:

Top: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/8593/0305091650.jpg

Bottom: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/4321/0305091651.jpg

I decided to lower the price to open up the door for those modders on a budget.

PM sent

The stick has sold, thanks SRK.