WTS: Namco Arcade Stick PSone, Xbox360 Hori Fight Stick EX, Neo-Geo Pad 2 PS2

I am selling a Namco Arcade Stick for the PSone. It’s in pretty shabby shape from years of wear and tear, but the buttons and stick still work perfectly. As with all PSone controllers, it’s compatible with the Playstation 2 and it works with every USB converter I’ve used for PC play. I’m asking $50 for this stick. Includes the original box.

Next I have a Hori Fighting Stick EX for the Xbox360. Includes the box and is lightly used, I’m asking 40 for this stick.

I also have a Sega Saturn USB Pad, which also works on the PS3. Doesn’t include a box. I’m pretty sure this isn’t one of the knock offs because it has the SLS logo on the back, but I dunno. I’m asking 50 bucks for it.

Finally I have a Neo-Geo Pad 2 for the Playstation 2 w/ Box. I’m asking 50 dollars for this controller. It’s only been used a few times.

I’m shipping only to the USA at the moment. I’ll only accept payment via Paypal.

If interested, feel free to post here or PM me, I’m also available on aim - RunningWild1984

Items Sold -
Xbox360 Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Round 1
PS3 Sega Virtua Stick High Grade

Update, sold the TE stick, and I dropped the price of the Namco stick by 10 dollars.

Added a new item.

i wish i can grab another VSHG.

Good luck

I’ve brought down the price of the VSHG.

PM sent

Price of the VSHG has been reduced again. Need a good home for it!

PM sent

Yes please let me know if the sale have not gone through i posted a thread cuz i was looking for one of these bad boys. $200.00 bison dollars??

It’s still available, I’ll take $200 for it.

great stick you have overthere, VSHG it´s the best retail stick ever, when I remenber I bought mine for 50€ here in Portugal I feel so lucky:encore:

Prices on both sticks lowered.

Can you pst some more detailed pix of the VSHG?

PM sent.

Is the vshg still for sale?

i kinda really want that namco stick… does price include shipping?

I’ll buy the Namco arcade stick box if you’re selling just the box.

pm d offer for vshg

payment for VSHG sent.