WTS: MVS Stuff

This is a copy of my thread over at Neo-Geo.com

Thought someone might be interested.

I’ve got two MVS boards here that I’d like to sell. One I’ve been running in my cab, the other I had bought a while back from a member here to consolize. But I just picked upa 2 slot to consolize instead, so need to sell these to fund the project.

Here’s what I have

  • MV-1A, super clean, works perfectly. Not an issue to be found on it. SOLD

  • MV-1 SOLD

  • Samurai Shodown IV (JP) , fake mini, w/shockbox - $25

  • Stakes Winner w/shockbox - $8

  • World Heroes w/shockbox - $10

  • World Heroes 2 Jet w/shockbox - $15

  • Tecmo World Cup Soccer 96 (US) mini/dip/art w/shockbox - $35

$5 shipping for anything to the U.S.A., but I’ll ship anywhere for the added cost.

Few things still left here.