WTS: MVC3 Waste of Flesh Shirt

$20 Large shipped. Drop me a PM.

PM sent.

Still up for sale.


Not trying to thread jack but I see its sold But I also have a MVC3 Waste of Flesh Shirt unopened size large for sale $20 shipped

mine is sold as well thanks for making this thread networkingyuppy

^ did you get it from the capcom store? didnt know they came sealed. Thought they just through it in the box.

Hope you don’t mind one more thread hijack. My copy just came in and I’ve got one for sale to now. Same as opening post.

$20 Shipped.

damn did no one order small or medium?

Capcom made all Shuma shirts large, no choice.

I also have a waste of flesh shirt for sale for 22 shipped. In case anyone else wants one.