WTS: MVC2 Dual Modded TE, Blank Cases & Phantom Paintball marker

I have one brand new MvC2 Dual modded TE for sale. Never been used… taken out of the box to dual mod with a Fightpad and IMP V2. Can now be used for ps3, XBOX 360, and PC… $150 shipped to the lower 48 US… will ship international but please contact me first for shipping. -SOLD

Also for sale is a “Mini-Phantom” Paintball marker… Used only acouple of times for rec ball play… I have too many markers and this one never got into the rotation as much as I wanted so I’m putting it up for sale to someone that hopefully uses it more than I did…
Included with the Marker is a barrel cover and the velocity adjustment tool.
very clean marker… no leaks no problems… looks brand new - $120 shipped




Mini Phantom $120 Shipped

8 Button Vewlix pattern poplar case - SOLD

6 Button American Straight pattern poplar case
Slanted with button and stick sitting high on case for more comfortable hand position - SOLD!

Added PB Marker to sale list…

Final price drop.

Hmmm. A buddy of mine destroyed his 6 button recently. I may snag that from you (assuming a p360 an fit inside; hard to tell from the pics)

Is there any way you can make the cord hole fit a neutrik rj45 by countersinking the front and making the inside depth smaller? I don’t have woodworking tools for this. If so, I’m willing to pay a little more for the 8 button.

hey joe i’m considering that 8 button vewlix case…
what are the dimensions?
I’m too lazy to build another case with no time due to school
how is it shipping to canada?

sorry I didnt see these posts! It was a bit since I checked this thread since it didnt seem anyone wanted the cases!

Vicko- there is another type of adapter you can buy other than Neutrik that if grinded down will fit inside the hole and be flush to the case… I didnt make these cases and I do not have the proper tools to modify the cases. So they are being sold “AS IS” for anyone that wants a DIY case for their projects…

Send me a PM
I do apologize for not getting back to this faster…

Replied to pm’s. 8 button case on hold until monday.

buyer dropped out 8-button case back up for sale

What are the specs on the 8 button case?

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I don’t really want it and it will probably sit forever before I wrangle up the parts for the inside but I’ll offer $40 for that 8 button and can pay whenever.

Sorry 8 button case has been sold…

New TE for sale

Hey Blind where did you get the 8 Button Vewlix Case? If you come across another one, I will buy it from you haha.

ill buy the paintball marker if you post a video of shooting your son with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha sup Rhyme!
hows the dual mod I did for you? if you have ANY problems hit me up and I’ll get to fixg it quick! That case was a QCF case made by Satek… he does very good work for the price he charges for the DIY cases he sells…

No everything is fine. I tried to paint my case per directions on one of the threads here, and came out pretty crappy. So I am just looking for a new case altogether. Or maybe try to find a HRAP V3 SA case and swap the internals.

Final price drop. If TE doesn’t sell i’ll keep it for parts.

Can you give it a week and I will let you know? Money is tight but I want that stick.

No worries I’ll keep it posted for another week but first to pm me and sends me the payment will get the stick. Gotta be fair.