WTS: MtG T1 Mono black Reanimator deck + 4 Force of Will (SIGNED!)

It was built around 2005, newest card in there is from Legions or something, it’s been too long for me to remember what set came out when. I will not supply the lands because they’re unhinged/unglued.

I’d rather sell it altogether instead of them separate. THEY ARE ALL IN MINT CONDITION!

1 zombie infestation
2 last rites
1 victimize
4 exhume
1 blinding angel
4 entomb
2 avatar of woe
1 mindslicer
2 quicksilver amulet
4 buried alive
1 scion of darkness
1 akroma angel of wrath
4 lacquatas champion
1 symbiotic wurm
1 verdant force
4 dark ritual
1 reya dawnbringer
1 phantom nishoba
1 recurring nightmare

I’m asking for 150. I am willing to negotiate prices. No I don’t want to trade cards because I haven’t played MtG for quite some time. I’d rather do pickup, just to ensure that the cards do not get damaged via shipping, but if you insist on shipping, PM me.

I Also have 4 signed Force of Wills, mint condition, and signed by the artist. I’m asking 120 for the play set.

p.s. They are in expensive japanese card sleeves that cost me 20 dollars a pack, and are still in REALLY nice condition, I will even throw in a Deck Protector box.
p.s.s. This is cross posted on another forum.

I’m in Union City CA, about 10 minutes from Union Landing.

I’m not interested, as I barely play, and even then only with a monogreen land destruction deck, but you might want to post where you’re from if you want pickups to go down.

Cool deck too.

Good luck!

Mizuki is from Norcal.

Just one bump.

signed forces are hard to get. i own 12 forces but only 3 are signed :slight_smile: