WTS Modded Hori EX2 with Seimitsu/Sanwa parts


i’ll be willing to pay 70 for it and i’ll come pick it up

Too low.

I also got a white bat top and the adapter for it that I’ll throw in for free

Price firm at $100

would you do a partial trade or just money only?

Really just looking for money, but if you got something interesting to trade maybe.

bump I may go as low as 90

are you still in modesto or san jose atm?

In Patterson


EDIT: nvm seen the inside of the stick…

I’ll give $90 if you can ship it to Mexico, zip is 03710. BTW, what PBC does it have?

Interested, how much to ship to 89521

$10 to 89521 $45 to Mexico

Id like to buy it for $100 how much to ship to 48030

$15 for ups ground

well i want to purchase it asap how can we go by getting that done…and i would like something faster actually

sent you a pm

lol im so new i cant send pms

but hopefully after this post i can