WTS: Mini Mas w/ PS1 Controller Board $65 Shipped + Some Ebay Auctions

Mini Mas with PS1 Controller Board. Works great with all converters I have, Happ Comp Stick, Happ Comp Buttons. Perfect American Stick! $65 Shipped in the US, Will use FedEx To Ship. PM me with any questions. Or email me at ginz2@yahoo.com, probably will respond to emails faster though.

Also am selling some sticks and other stuff on ebay such as…

Dreamcast Agetec Stick for $35
Wii Neo Geo Stick for $35

etc etc…

sigh. i shouldn’t but i have to, i’ll buy the mini-mas! it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for.

Did you just email me, if so I sent a reply. Pending payment from the emailer hah.

haha yes that was me, just sent payment, thanks sir!

sooollldd to my dude zeetes, hella prompt payment. thanks again for helping me pay some bills. will ship this bad boy out tomorrow. ENJOY!!

what about me, i bought both ur sticks. I need help for them to be shipped also lol.

haha awaiting payment my dude! send me da cash and ill send you da stix bruddaman. thanks to you too!!!


np sir! thanks again!