WTS Mas Now 90$ & Inpin converter now 15$

Hi, I’m selling an arcade stick that I have purchased from arcade shock about 2-3 years ago, and an InPIN that was bought from etokki that allows ps1 /ps2 controllers to be used on the ps3. I’m not sure if it supports all controller types but, I know it works for arcade sticks. These items are sitting in my closet collecting dust, and I would like to get rid of them and make at least some of the money back I spent on these instead of throwing them away. The converter and the stick have only been used in order to see if everything was working properly. In addition, I am trying to get rid of them because I never liked the feel of american sticks. I am more familiar with japanese style of arcade sticks. So, If your interested in buying any of these just inbox me and I can try to go to the post office tomorrow morning to tell you how much the shipping will cost since I live in Canada. If I can’t sell it here on SRK then it’s going on ebay.

I’m selling the INPIN converter for 20$
Mas systems arcade stick 120$
(The Mas stick has a competition joystick in it not a p360 I have no idea what the difference is between the two so if anyone knows I would like to find out)

I will post pics soon just need to find the usb cord for the camera.


20$ price drop on Mas.

a P360 uses optical sensors instead of microswitches to detect movement.

5$ price drop on Inpin.

I’m interested, but only in the case itself. Nothing else

10$ price drop on Mas

I want it and Daryl I still need one from you as well :slight_smile:

If he doesnt buy it i def will

Sent private message to you VCFan1001

VCFan… I used to play you in MvC2.

If you let me know shipping cost to New York, I’ll take the MAS if it’s still available.

does include shipping, am interested in the InPin adapter.

pmed you