WTS: Mas Mini (ps1ds), cases, WD TV Live, SNES champ joysticks *new* in box

please close

post pics when you get a chance, please.

will do, i meant to bring my camera to work with me to upload the pics but alas, i forgot. be up tonight definitely. thanks!

pics added, thanks!

Many good controllers!!!


thank you sir! i’m contemplating selling a few other controllers (well pads) but i don’t know if i will.

maple case on hold.

added: homefront for the 360

Oh my that snes stick so amazing -drool.

reduced a few prices. i’d probably consider selling the netbook at a great price (already a steal w/ upgrades) so i can renew my technet subscription.

will consider workstation/server trades - HP XW8400 (preferred) or Dell Precision 490

Does the mini mas have a p360?

edit- sorry, didn’t see the bit about all iL parts. my mistake!


replied thank you sir

one sf4 pad sold, one possibly on hold

Hmmm…Shipping on that MAS stick to 35242. Could you check on that for me?


both sf4 pads sold!

lowered a few prices

If the Mas Stick isn’t sold by Friday, I’m buying it.

ok sir!

homefront sold, korean case back on the market, lowered prices on snes champ sticks.