WTS: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 PlayStation 3 - Rare GameStop Exclusive

Selling a rare, limited GameStop exclusive release of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 for the PlayStation 3. There was no disc included with this release, only a code which has already been redeemed. This is for the case and inserts, as you see them below.

Asking $120 shipped.




These sell for a average of about 40 bucks on ebay.

Really? I can’t find any of the PS3 MvC2s for less than $200 on eBay. Are you sure you’re not looking at the PS2 version?

I agree. I looked at these a while back on ebay and the prices were up in the 200+ dollar range. When compared to that $120 shipped seems like a good deal.

The ones on ebay are all sealed…although the codes are useless now, except for that digital comics subscription. That said, $120 would be a good deal in comparison. GLWS

Look at past sales not what people are selling for. Opened copies with used code have gone for 17 bucks to 53ish bucks. Sealed copies have sold for 50 bucks to 199 bucks.

Edit: The code is also useless now. Whether that affects the value or not is really up to the buyer looking to buy a sealed copy. If you aren’t opening it, it shouldn’t matter.


I have a sealed copy sitting in my closet. Give me your kidney and I will hook you up!