WTS: MadCatz TE Fightstick at cost - Xbox 360 - San Francisco pickup ONLY

I ended up with an extra TE FightStick and I’ll sell it to a SRKer at actual cost… better that someone who wants it who’s part of a fighting game community gets it than it going up on eBay.

There is one catch: LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. I’m in San Francisco. You have to come get it from me. I’m not going to ship it or anything, under no circumstances. You give me the cash, you get the stick. It’s brand new and unopened and all of the seals are intact. Hell, if you want, after I hand you the stick you can come by my place and play a few rounds with the stick so you know it works.

I’m asking for $175. I paid $173.88 or something close (came from Buy.com… it was a preorder I completely forgot about until the box arrived at my doorstep) and $175 is just an even/easier number to deal with.

I understand your reasons of pick up only and the terms you state…but what if someone was willing to pay you shipping for the effort to sent it somewhere?

Why won’t you ship it?

Relax, I’m sure whoever gets the stick will have a different opinion on the matter than you.:arazz: This guy isn’t even gonna profit, pretty admirable considering he could jack up the price.

He did , 10 bucks. I feel he just doesnt want to hold onto something he wanted to profit on. Are you planning on posting your extra stick as well?

I think its retarded when people come praising a site , all the while they cant even follow its rules.

To the OP. Sorry about thread jacking. Good luck with sale.

Sold! I’ll take it and I’m more than willing to pick it up, just tell me when and where of course.

I don’t think he jacked up the price. when I was debating on whether to buy a TE stick from gamestop online, the final cost after tax and shipping was ~$172

edit I’m from california as well

People forget to factor in shipping/tax?

still have the stick?

it was sold he needs to close the thread