WTS: Madcatz Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Fightstick (Brand new/sealed)

For sale:

Madcatz Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Fightstick (Brand new/sealed) second batch.
For XBOX 360.

Local pickup in San Francisco, CA - $115 cash
Shipped/PayPal within the U.S. 48 States - $125


NOTE: To those who are interested - please send me a Private Message (PM) as I don’t know why I do not receive notification of any new posts in this thread topic. Even with notifications set to “ON” wEiRd


I don’t mean to be an ass, but I believe all SFIV related merchandise is still required to be posted in this topic:


You are right. Including CA State Tax = $129.89 Total
My price has been adjusted as listed above.

Hmm… I wonder why the Moderator’s have UN-stickied it? Makes it a little harder to find. I also see a bunch of Street Fighter related things for sale in this thread, alone. Makes you guess a little bit.

They had that thread to vote it no longer being mandatory but then I didn’t see anything about it when it went un-stickied. Not to mention your not the only one who has posted a thread like this and they haven’t been locked. I think your good but not my opinion that matters.

I’m too lazy to look it up but making individual threads about SFIV items is allowed now…so go nuts.

To above ^ great info. thanks :wink:

NOW who wants a TE Stick fresh in its box?! lol